When children face educational, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties it is often recommended that they receive comprehensive psychological testing.

Dr. Katie Herrington provides psychological assessment services, which often include evaluating a child’s intellectual, academic, socio-emotional, developmental, and/or behavioral functioning.

A psychological assessment can provide clarity regarding a diagnosis, hone in on an individual’s pattern of strengths and weaknesses, and guide treatment interventions. A clinical interview with the child and parents, administration of standardized tests (e.g., intelligence test, achievement test), behavioral observations of the child, and parent and teacher ratings about the child are common components of a psychological assessment.

Dr. Herrington specializes in assessments that provide information concerning:

  • Autism spectrum disorders*
  • Learning and cognitive differences
  • Disability determination for access to educational services and accommodations.
  • Behavioral and mood disorders, including anxiety disorders and OCD

*Dr. Herrington is research reliable on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2), the gold standard for autism assessment.

Contact Dr. Herrington directly at 615-238-9100 Ext. 107 to inquire about an assessment appointment.