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Nashville Child and Family Wellness Center provides
high-quality, evidence-based mental and behavioral health care 
from a team of collaborating multi-disciplinary professionals, including:

  • psychiatrists
  • therapists
  • speech language pathologists
  • psychologists

In addition, our team works closely with community resources, including primary care doctors, school personnel, educational consultants, occupational therapists, and nutritionists. When experiencing emotional or behavioral issues, individuals and families often find themselves traveling to multiple locations to see different providers, repeating much of the same information to each provider, bearing the burden of coordinating care, and oftentimes giving up because the process feels too overwhelming. 

It is uncommon to find multidisciplinary providers in one office setting where individuals and families can easily receive collaborative care and the convenience of centralized services.

While NCFWS providers are independent, each is committed to collaborating with other providers to provide the most efficient and high quality mental health treatment, enabling clients to reach their goals and lead more enjoyable, fulfilling lives.


*Nashville Child and Family Wellness Center is a collection of independently practicing professionals, none of whom are responsible for the acts or omissions of the others.