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Why Self-Compassion Works Better Than Self-Esteem

Boosting your ego won’t make you feel better. Instead, try talking to yourself like you would your best friend. Dylan Martinez / Reuters Olga Khazan May 6, 2016 In 1986, California state assemblyman John Vasconcellos came up with what he believed could be “a vaccine for major social ills” like teen pregnancy and drug abuse:…

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13 Reasons Why is a fictional story based on a widely known novel and is meant to be a cautionary tale. You may have similar experiences and thoughts as some of the characters in 13RW. People often identify with characters they see on TV or in movies. However, it is important to remember that there…

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How to Teach Your Kids about the Brain

Laying strong foundations for emotional intelligence. By Hazel Harrison | March 17, 2016 When children understand what’s happening in the brain, it can be the first step to having the power to make choices. Knowledge can be equally powerful to parents too. Knowing how the brain works means we can also understand how to respond…

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SMILES Study: Depression and Nutrition

By Bonnie Kaplan, PhD & Julia Rucklidge, PhD February 18, 2017 There is rarely a single study that definitively establishes new knowledge, but occasionally there are studies that open a window into an important new phenomenon. It is the latter type of study that was published last week in the area of nutrition and adult…

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If you’re Reading this at Night, Stop. {Blue Light Warning}

Via Dr. Steven Gundry When I see patients, they often take out their phones to take notes, check their calendars, or even Google something. And sometimes, once they’ve completed their screen-related task, they continue to play with their device. It turns out, being connected to a device or screen at all times is just part…

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Intro To Processing Speed

By Ellen Braaten, Ph.D. This blog is the first in a two-part series from Dr. Braaten entitled Bright Kids Who Can’t Keep Up. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a follow-up post, “Coping With Slow Processing Speed At Home And At School.” Some kids are naturally fast.  They run, talk, complete homework assignments and do…

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Here’s how to get your kids to eat well and avoid eating disorder

By Jill U. Adams March 6 A friend’s 8-year-old daughter packs her own lunch for school. One day, her dad noticed that lunch consisted of a single cherry tomato, one slice of apple and one spoonful of yogurt. When asked, the child replied that she didn’t think she’d be hungry at school. My friend wanted…

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What Your Teen (Who Won’t Talk to You) Really Needs You to Know

They can be reclusive, combative, secretive, and downright rude, but that doesn’t mean your teenager doesn’t need you. Here is what the experts say your adolescent is hoping you’ll figure out. By Kimberly Hiss I want you to ask about my day iStock/mixetto “Even if the response isn’t robust and enthusiastic, teens still want a…

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A parent’s guide to rewards, bribes and extortion

by W. Douglas Tynan, Ph.D. @phillyhealthsci | HealthyKids@philly.com Frequently as part of my practice I will recommend that a parent set up a reward system at home to increase desirable behaviors such as cleaning up a room, doing homework or getting ready for school on time. Inevitably, a parent will tell me that they do…

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How to talk to your kids about family addiction

By Jaimie Seaton February 3 By the time my daughter Christina was 4, she had attended the funerals of my elder sister and my mother, both of whom died of alcoholism-related illness at the respective ages of 42 and 67. I don’t remember the first time Christina asked how her “Nonnie” and aunt died, but…

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Media Guidelines for Kids of All Ages

Tips for making sure your children’s screen time is healthy Rachel Ehmke Parents used to just worry about kids watching too much TV, or playing too many video games. We still worry about those things, but now the screen time list has gotten much longer. Phones, tablets, apps, social media, texting — they all can…

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When Should You Get Your Kid a Phone?

It’s not just a question of the right age Danielle Cohen It’s a rite of passage for parents of tweens: By the time your child is 10 or 12, she decides that she must have a cell phone, because if she can’t text and talk to her friends her social life will be “ruined.” You…

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