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8 Ways to Beat Back to School Anxiety

By Dr. Susanna Quasem Starting something new is hard. For kids, starting school for the first time – or going back to school – is both exciting and scary. For parents, it likely brings relief (finally they’re going back to school!) and some anxiety too. Particularly if you have an anxious child. Here are some…

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Parenting in the Digital Age: How to Raise Safe and Responsible Online Citizens

By: Dr. Dana Verner – Mobile devices and the internet are powerful tools that can provide our children many benefits and opportunities.  In the palm of the hand, they allow vast growth and exploration for our children’s curious, developing minds.  Yet, at the same time, there are significant risks, particularly if our children don’t have…

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EMDR Therapy 101

By:  Ashley Johnston, MS, LPC-MHSP – Did you know that our minds often heal themselves naturally, in the same way our bodies do?  Much of this natural coping mechanism occurs during sleep, particularly during REM sleep.  Nearly 30 years ago, a woman by the name of Francine Shapiro developed Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR),…

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