Group Therapy

NCFWC offers support, psychoeducation, and therapeutic group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults.

Our group therapy services in Nashville and Franklin offer you support and understanding through professionally-led sessions.

Nashville Child and Family Wellness offers support, psychoeducation, and therapeutic group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults.

Groups are a powerful, affordable way to acquire support, therapy, and skills for many issues. We offer numerous groups—led by experienced, licensed professionals—under the categories listed below. If, after reading this, you would like more information, please email us at

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Explore Our Group Therapy Options

Child, Adolescent & Family Groups at NCFWC

We offer a variety of groups to teach coping skills to children, adolescents, families and adults. Some of these groups are for certain age groups and some target specific issues, such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, social skills, and emotional dysregulation. Each group’s curriculum draws from evidence-based programs to meet its goals. All are led by experienced therapists.

DBT Skills Group

We offer DBT Skills Groups for Adolescents in a multi-family group format. The DBT Skills Group aims to increase client capabilities by teaching evidence-based coping skills and reviewing assigned practice homework to reinforce learning. At NCFWC, we offer DBT Skills Groups for those enrolled in Comprehensive DBT (DBT Group – Comprehensive) and for those wanting to learn the skills as part of another type of treatment plan, typically for less severe difficulties (DBT Group – Skills Only).


DBT-A Skills Groups rotate through three, eight-week modules, with new participants able to start at the beginning of each module. Teens are required to attend with at least one parent. Group size is limited to seven teens/families. 


Currently, we have two groups: one is in-person at the Nashville location and one is held via Zoom.

Module Length & Cost:

Emotion Regulation - 8 weeks - $1,080 per family 

Distress Tolerance - 8 weeks - $1,080 per family

Interpersonal Effectiveness - 8 weeks - $1,080 per family 

Mindfulness and Walking the Middle Path Skills are taught throughout all four modules.

Enrollment Process:

If you are interested in any of our DBT programs, the first step is to complete a DBT Intake and Orientation to DBT.  

The DBT Intake session is typically 90 minutes long with parent/caregiver(s)and teen with the following objectives: 

  • For providers to meet the client, review background information, assess eligibility and appropriateness for DBT, and, when clear, make a recommended DBT Treatment Plan.
  • To provide information about DBT so that clients and providers can make an informed decision about the client's participation.
  • To increase motivation and commitment by describing how the program can work to help adolescents, as well as their family, reach their goals.

Following this intake session, recommendations will be made by NCFWC, including but not limited to Comprehensive DBT, DBT Group Skills-Only, Behavioral Parent Training (BPT), or other treatment services.  Additional sessions may be recommended prior to beginning a DBT Skills Group or Comprehensive DBT. Typically, these sessions focus on further assessment, enhancing motivation and commitment, and addressing other factors that will help clients benefit from DBT participation. 

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PEERS Social Skills Group

Ages 12-17

This group uses the PEERS curriculum which provides evidence-based social skills for adolescents (12-17) with social difficulties, particularly those with diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The PEERS group at NCFWC is split into two 8-week modules. Groups meet weekly for 90 minutes. Adolescents and caregivers have separate but concurrent sessions, with teens learning and practicing social skills and parents learning how to coach their teens to use skills outside of the session.

The group focuses on building social skills such as:

-Initiating, maintaining, and exiting conversations

-Choosing appropriate friends

-Navigating get-togethers with friends

-Handling teasing, bullying, and other forms of social rejection

-Good sportsmanship

-Handling disagreements, rumors, and gossip

Place: Nashville Child and Family Wellness Center: 85 White Bridge Road, Suite 302

Day/Time: Thursday’s from 5:30pm-7:00pm

Enrollment Process

Apply for the group by completing our Group Interest Form below. Once the form has been processed a group coordinator will be in contact with you to schedule a phone screen. During the phone screen, a provider at NCFWC will speak to both the parents and adolescent to assess interest in the group. After the phone screen, a provider at NCFW will let you know if the group is appropriate for your teen.  

Costs: $800 per module ($100 per session covers child and caregiver(s))

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Fundamentals of Parenting

This is a structured and informative group designed to empower parents with practical knowledge and skills. Our six-session curriculum covers essential topics, including validation techniques to nurture strong parent-child relationships, the application of positive psychology principles, and effective discipline and consequence strategies. This group offers a supportive and educational environment to help you become a more confident and effective parent.

Sessions will be held in a virtual group format, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home or office during the noon hour on Tuesdays, starting in October.

Click here for Group Information Flyer.

Enrollment Process:

Cost: $300 for all six sessions ($50/session per family)

*Payment is due up front. There are no refunds for missed sessions but you will receive the handouts whether you attend or not.

Open Enrollment: New participants can start at any session and will then continue through the next 6 consecutive sessions.

Group Interest Form

Coping Skills Groups

Building a Stress Management Toolkit 

We offer Coping Skills Groups at different times throughout the year. These groups focus on one of three age ranges (elementary-age, middle-school age, or high-school age) who are facing academic, social, or emotional stressors and who want the opportunity to connect with a peer group. Participants learn evidence-based strategies that will enable them to feel better and reach their goals. One parent-only session is included to educate parents on skills taught and provide parenting support. 

Curriculum is built on cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy and provides adolescents with the following lessons:

-Learn how to express and regulate emotions with healthier coping skills

-Understand and challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts

-Connect with other children who have similar stressors

-Handle distressing thoughts and feelings without acting out towards self or others

-Reduce vulnerability to anxiety and depression

Enrollment Process:

To apply for this group when it is next offered, please complete our online Group Interest Form, and a group coordinator will follow up with you. An interview may be required for those not being seen by a provider at NCFWC to ensure that the group is a good fit and to allow the child to meet us. Additional fees may apply for the interview.

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